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Why Are We Unique?

Jonsson Workwear

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Our People

People. They are our most valued assets. We believe that each individual that works behind our doors is integral. They are the difference between good and great. Each one is accountable; each one is of the ‘highest quality,’ just a little something they have in common with our garments.

We also believe in an overriding culture of equality. We are all peers, whether we serve tea or have an office. We are all special; we all have something unique to contribute.

Our people strive to remain curious, courageous and they never settle for anything but the very best.

Jonsson Workwear Australia

Jonsson Workwear Australia has a great team of experienced workwear-focused people committed to building an extraordinary brand that always delivers quality and service.

Our Australian range is as a result of countless hours of hard work and dedication to ensure that each garment meets the specific needs of our customers and the environment in which they work.

The Jonsson Academy

The Jonsson Academy was established to engender a culture of learning.

The vision for the Jonsson Academy is to turn every person who is inducted, whether it is a Jonsson staff member or a customer, into a fully-fledged “Jonssonite”- developing a passion for Jonsson, its values and a comprehensive knowledge of our products.

Customer Collaboration

We appreciate that if we grow our customer’s business, we will ultimately grow our own. In fact, this model of mutual upliftment has been one of the biggest contributors to our success. As nobody knows his or her brand better than the customer, we immerse ourselves in his or her culture and share information, learning everything we can to put ourselves in a position to exceed all expectations.

Working together with our customers and sharing our resources and expertise is our way of showing them our respect, support and the passion we have for our and their brand.

We are the Manufacturers

Why do we consider this important? Because we can control our quality, stock levels and lead times. Our Jonsson manufacturing infrastructure, producing 30 000 garments a day, is comprised of 6 factories, 3 raw material warehouses, 3 finished goods distribution centres and a laundry. In addition to this already impressive statistic, a recycling plant for all material cut-offs, two new factories and an embroidery plant are also in development.

Jonsson is Proudly African

Africa is a beautiful continent, with a plethora of different cultures and traditions, and is the birth-place of Jonsson Workwear.

Our African footprint is widespread and ever expanding; we have offices in every major city in South Africa. We also extend our services into 22 other countries, a statistic that continues to grow.

Our own dedicated factories operate out of Lesotho where we employ over 2750 people. By employing the resources of the vibrant Basotho population, we are investing in this great continent.

The New Jonsson Distribution Centre

Our new distribution centre, based in Johannesburg, South Africa, will present a complete solution. With it, items can be picked, boxed, packed and invoiced in under an hour. In fact, goods will make their way to our customers 48 hours faster than with our current operation. This will result in increased efficiencies.

20 million pieces! That’s how many garments we will be able to move on an annual basis thanks to our new DC. Currently, our 2 standard DC’s move approximately 7 million garments a year – so this state of the art building, employing first class technology, is a giant leap forward for Jonsson Workwear.

Building overview:

  • Situated in Johannesburg, the largest populated city in South Africa
  • Approximately 12000 SQ metres, totaling nearly 148 000 cubic metres
  • New office space for Jonsson staff
  • A 70 seater, fully equipped auditorium to be used for training and conferences for staff and customers
  • Specialised flooring
  • Voice activated picking
  • Computerised technology
  • Guided by electronics
  • Developed using first-rate international design

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Project Kopano

“Come Alive with us! Come Share with us!”

Project Kopano, which gets its name from a Basotho word meaning ‘Unity,’ is just one of the ways that we show our staff how much we appreciate and respect them!

This unique Jonsson incentive project brings our Basotho employees down to our Durban office, in order to experience the sights and sounds of our city. Their trips include visits to uShaka Marine World and Moses Mabhida Stadium. These are places and experiences we might take for granted, but after seeing them through the eyes of those who have never seen the sea, or a dolphin, we get a new appreciation for the amazing city we work and live in.