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Are you Africa’s next top entrepreneur?

Do you understand your market?

Do you love the Jonsson brand?

Would you like it to be your brand, in your own country?

Jonsson Workwear is looking for pioneering individuals to become licensees of the brand in their respective countries.

A Jonsson Workwear Licensee

Becoming a Jonsson Workwear Licensee is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and the appointment of these Licencees entails a carefully considered process. We believe that the ideal Jonsson Licensee is a unique individual who possesses the Jonsson Workwear ethos of commitment and determination, with a pioneering spirit. If appointed a Licensee, you will be in charge of running your very own business within the framework of the Jonsson Workwear brand and business format.

A Jonsson Licensee has a number of responsibilities which include:

  • Local sales & distribution
  • The holding and financing of stock
  • Transporting goods to customers
  • Being accountable for all in-country sales and distribution

Jonsson Workwear is an iconic brand and and therefore our Licencees are dynamic people!

In order to become a licensee there are certain standard requirements such as:

  • Access to Capital
  • Roots in the local market
  • Solid network of people
  • Local infrastructure in place to hold stock
  • Reliable transport

Personal Attributes

The ideal Jonsson Licensee candidate is a unique individual who is ambitious, connected and determined, with a strong will to succeed and leave their mark in Africa. This individual should be an energetic self-starter with a professional holistic approach to business and an extensive understanding of their market. We are looking for someone who is excited at the idea of taking the Jonsson Workwear brand into their country and developing it further. The Licensee should be able to work well with people and possess excellent interpersonal and communication skills.  An alignment with the Jonsson Workwear values and the ability to model the characteristics of a true Jonssonite is something that we consider of the utmost importance.

For more information on this exciting venture, please contact Guy MacNab at

International opportunities

"Africa brings a glimpse of hope to the unstable global economy. Our continent is viewed as one of the great hopes for the world's collective future."
-Previn Gordhan