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Jonsson Workwear Supports Lockyer Valley Community Activities Shed

By admin on December 01, 2014 in Jonssonites

The members of the Lockyer Valley Community Activities Shed are proudly wearing new shirts that have been donated to the group. The members meet a few times a week at the shed in Gatton and work on projects such as wood work and restorations work, all in the name of men’s welfare. Toowoomba businesses

Hip Pocket Workwear and Jonsson Workwear got together to donate the shirts, as well as the embroidery on the shirts, at no cost to the members.

LVCAS president Graham Windolf said the businesses had gone above and beyond for the members. In total, more than 30 shirts where donated the shed.

Pictured above: Lockyer Valley Community Activities Shed president Graham Windolf accepts shirts donated to the members of the shed from Hip Pocket general manager Graham Strang and Robbie Rayner from Jonsson Workwear.

The Jonsson Journey. Every person has a story, what’s yours?

By admin on September 26, 2013 in Jonssonites

Purpose. This word encapsulates the essence of the Jonsson brand. It describes the way that we work at Jonsson – purposefully and with clear goals and intentions. Our main aim is to create workwear with a purpose, made specifically for the environments in which they are used, ensuring workers are safe and protected at all times.

Fuelled by our belief in the African continent and our love for its people, we are embarking on a 9-month journey around southern Africa to find and capture stories of people living with purpose, while wearing Jonsson Workwear.

Our journey will be called The Jonsson Journey and will be captured through the lens of photographer and adventurer, Kyle Mijlof, or as we like to call him, our ‘Legacy Hunter’. Armed with a Land Rover and a camera, Kyle will embark on a journey of a

lifetime capturing stories of everyday unsung heroes, who are driven with purpose, and dressed in our brand.

Through his unique and unimaginable experiences, Kyle has a remarkable story to tell, and this is just the beginning for him. With his immense talent and ambition, Kyle endeavours to capture the world through an honest lens, and to share with and touch the human race with his experiences. Kyle epitomizes our brand and what we stand for, he is a true man of passion, integrity and purpose.

Watch the Jonsson Journey trailer here.

To find out more about the Jonsson Journey site click here and discover the people and the workforce behind the African continent.





Come Alive with Project Kopano

By admin on July 01, 2013 in Jonssonites

At Jonsson Workwear people are our most valued asset, a key contributor in making us Africa’s Workwear leader.  “Kopano” is a Basotho word meaning “unity”. Project Kopano is an aspirational Jonsson Workwear staff experience, allowing us to show our Lesotho based staff how much we appreciate and respect them. The main aim of this project is to bring every one of our Basotho staff, who reside in Lesotho, down to our Durban office for a weekend, showing them the sights and sounds of our city.  More importantly we want them to experience the Jonsson ethos, where they are more than just a number, empowering them and giving them a sense of pride about their contribution to the Jonsson brand.

View the Project Kopano Video here.