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Our Iconic Brand

Jonsson Workwear

Brand Building

What makes a brand iconic?

An iconic brand is surprising, never compromising and opportunistic.
An iconic brand can alter perception and drive a category forward.

By keeping all of our intellectual property and energy in-house, we are able to live and breathe the Jonsson brand, driving it forward together.

We believe that it is the responsibility of everyone at Jonsson to ensure that the message out there matches the feeling and focus in here, which in turn increases awareness and helps us grow.

Our Sponsorships

Sports and entertainment are powerful tools, they have the ability to transcend race and gender, and, if activated correctly, they can unify nations.


We sponsor the GWK Griquas, who are the rugby team that represents the Northern Cape Province, in South Africa. They are a humble and grounded team that is going from strength to strength in the South African Currie Cup tournament. It is an honour to be associated with them and their rich heritage. Jonsson College Rovers is the leading club rugby side in South Africa. We are committed to these talented players with purpose, who strive to reach their full potential on and off the field every day.

Wildfly Fishing

Sharing the same values and ideals, including ‘catch and release’ and ‘ROAM FREE’ initiatives, our partnership with Wildfly Holdings Group is one that would seem to be built on natural selection. Through them, we are seen across the media, including TV, print and digital, and in turn, we have developed hardwearing garments for the most extreme conditions and environments.

Gold Circle

We are proud to be considered a sure bet, as the key workwear supplier to Gold Circle and all their staff members, working on race courses and in betting outlets across South Africa.


We are proud to be the chef-wear sponsors of Masterchef South Africa.

The first season of Masterchef South Africa came to a close with KwaZulu-Natal local Deena Naidoo walking away the winner. It is an honour to be associated with a man of true passion and humility as well as this competition at large.