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Our Beliefs

Our vision and values

Everything we do is guided by our brand vision and values. They define us.

“To be a revered and iconic brand providing workwear solutions for peak performance and a better life”

At Jonsson Workwear we consider ourselves industry pioneers. We lead in our field so that anyone using our products is able to lead in their own whilst feeling protected and of value and enabling them to perform at their optimum.


As pioneers, we find energy in pushing the boundaries & thriving to be better each and every day. We choose to lead by example, setting the bar in all we do.


We believe in the power of collaboration to improve our products, service and mutually beneficial marketing strategies (after all, nobody knows your brand better than you do). In this way, we develop trust and integrity.


“Respect has to be earned, but you can show it at any time.” Our company was born out of a belief that workers should be treated with dignity; their workwear is a representation of this.

Be Compassionate

‘Jonssonites’ are supportive of each other. They take the time to build relationships with one another, knowing full well that a healthy working environment is one where people are considerate of each other.


We are inspired to make a difference and to protect the people of our country by providing them with leading edge garments made with pride and purpose. We find energy in breaking the mould and in constantly learning and evolving.

Take Responsibilty

We believe it is our responsibility to constantly push the limits of the workwear market, ensuring that our customers’ garment and service expectations are always exceeded. Brand success is the responsibility of each and every Jonsson Workwear employee and by uniting together towards this common goal, we know we can achieve anything.